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My passion today is The Every Sunday Project and sharing it with the world. What if every daughter got the dad she deserved? The more people thinking about that question, the better off we'll be, and I'm actively recruiting membership in the project!

To continue this conversation, I am available for speaking engagements. Whether your group is large or small, I’d love to speak with you. If you want to improve your relationship with your daughter but are unsure where to start I absolutely want to talk with you. I also work with a limited number of parents who prefer individual coaching. Contact me to learn more.


Life can feel like a treadmill. You’re working hard, satisfying the demands of life . . . yet you end each day where you started. Except tired. It does not have to be that way forever.


If you’re ready to try something new but aren't sure what that is, call me. If you’re sure what it is but need support taking the next step, call me. It doesn't matter what area of life you want to move forward in - work, family, marriage, kids. I offer weekly life coaching sessions for the same reason I started The Every Sunday Project: I want to help. Contact me to learn more.


Whether you’re the head of a corporation, a church group, the steward of your family or loved ones, or anything else, you understand the challenges that come with leadership. After spending 29 years as a leader in a major corporation, I learned that leadership is more art than science, as much heart as intellect. Leaders who figure this out make a big difference - not only in their organizations, but also in the lives of the people they lead.

And, if you are the dad of a daughter, you are engaged in the most important and difficult leadership challenge of all. If you want to learn more, contact me.

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Father,  Founder of The Every Sunday Project, Coach, Public Speaker

I consider myself an "accidental dad" and reformed former corporate guy. I say accidental  because I never had a burning desire to be one. If you want to hear how it happened anyway, go to The Every Sunday Project page, but the short version is my ex brought home a foster kid baby girl one day and I fell in love. Everything changed, and I mark it as the single best thing that ever happened to me. To read more about my story go to: About Bob. 

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