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I'm inspired by the faithfulness of Frank and Donna's story. She said he never stopped writing, no matter where she was: "I write your letter," Frank once said, “as a matter of priority." Thirty-two years of letters and memories. An enduring connection.

But it's clear Donna was a "matter of priority'" long before the letters started. Her relationship with Frank was built, one memory at a time, growing up in Vermont. Her book is filled with stories of their adventures and what is was like to be with her dad, a good man, no doubt the one she deserved.

Frank is not alone – there are many men out there with stories that represent what The Every Sunday Project is about. Read some on the Dad Stories page, and when you're done, contact me and tell me one of your own. Men: tell me about the memories and traditions you are creating with your daughter. Women, tell me your best memory with your dad - I would love to hear from you.


I once asked Donna to tell me about her dad. Because her book is filled with stories of climbing peaks in Vermont, backpacking trips, hiking trips, and more, I expected her to tell me about that. But she didn’t. Not exactly. Instead, she talked about the kind of man Frank was, and how he lived his life.

She said he was a leader that inspired people, a man who never lost faith, and a “master of empowering my choices." "He helped me feel I could do anything that was right for me. He was a wonderful role model for loving life and doing what you love.” Frank gave Donna the confidence to live life her way and she followed her dreams and passions around the world.

We can learn a lot from Donna and Frank’s story. He gave her a lifetime of memories, yes, but the lessons she learned from him shaped the rest of her life. Dad power. You reading this - you have that same opportunity. Take it.

I believe the world needs good men more than ever. Strong men who use their strength for good. Men like Frank Dearborn, Steve Addis, Jim Zetz, my friend Tim, and my dad. Inspiring men with inspiring stories of devotion to their daughters. Men who don't back away in the teen years. Men who have the guts to say no to booty shorts. Men who will stand strong with her in the storms of life. 

Dad, you are her role model for what a man looks like, feels like, smells like,  and acts like. You are the standard against which she will judge all men, good or bad. Someday she will bring a boy home. And in some way she will not understand, he will remind her of you. Live your life so this would be a good thing.

We've all heard the expression, "He's a good man." But what about that - what makes a good man? You will have to figure that out for yourself, but I have some thoughts for your consideration. 

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